Hospitality and Tourism Courses in the Canary Islands

HECANSA is an initiative of the Government of the Canary Islands to strengthen the competitiveness of the tourism sector in the Canary Islands through training and promotion of the professionalization of its human resources and its companies. To do this, HECANSA provides training and a first incorporation into the labour market to new workers in the tourism sector. HECANSA also makes training and continuing professional development with current hospitality workers, from the assistant to the manager profiles.


Higher Technician in Hotel Management (official degree) + Own certificate of HECANSA.

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Technician in Catering Services (official degree) + Own certificate of HECANSA.

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Mini Chef Course

It will be taught in Bistro Escuela Melenara

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Specialised Courses

HECANSA offers Specialised Courses for Tourism and Hospitality workers, helping increasing specific knowledge to the job.

Campus de verano Mini Chef Hotel Escuela Santa Brígida

  09 de Julio de 2018

  De 8´ºº - 15´ºº

  No available places


Conferencia Alimentación Infantil Juan Llorca -Gran Canaria -

  02 de Marzo de 2020


  No available places


Cena - Iniciación al Corte de Jamón

  28 de Julio de 2018

  20.30 hr

  No available places



Innovative work-based learning is the main advantage of HECANSA. This methodology coordinates classroom training with practising in real life work, with a clear orientation to the labour market and the employability of their graduates. With immediate responses to the training requirements demanded by the productive sector, currently in need of middle management. The rate of job insertion exceeds 90%.

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18 de Septiembre de 2020

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